Harvest Moon Regatta 2012

Vaya Con Dios 2, representing PYC,  finished Third Place in Cruising Non-Spinnaker, Division G.

L-R  Mark Rusk, Steve Stanley, Barney Gulley,
 Dan Horan, Tommy Lother
First Annual Boaters Flea Market
May 11-12, 2013
We all had a good time.  As with most flea markets, there were some people who ending up buying more than they sold.  The event was capped of by some of our beauty queens taking a ride on La Petite Belle.

The First (hopefully annual)Half Moon Light Regatta
August 3, 2013

We had 4 boats participating in the first Half Moon Light Regatta.   The winds were a little light for Matagorda Bay , so the race took 5-6 hours to complete instead of the anticipated 3.5-4.5 hours.  The wind picked up after 12noon and the second and third legs off the wind had better boat speeds.  A variety of strategies on how to tackle the upwind leg gave Dutch Boy a commanding lead (about 20 minutes) around the first mark (Half Moon Light), showing that the preferred course was short tacks on the inshore side of the line, followed by longer tacks to reach the offshore side of the line.   Dutch Boy and Vaya Con Dios 2, starting one minute apart, finished the course in the exact same actual time before handicaps were placed.   This made an exciting finish for these two boats which duked it out the last 3 miles of the race head to head.

Final Results were
Vaya Con Dios 2 (Laguna 30)       5hr 17min Actual Time - 9 min handicap = 5h 8min corrected time
Dutch Boy (Catalina 36)                 5hr 17min Actual Time - 4 min handicap = 5hr 13min corrected time
Snap Shot (Hunter 30)                   6hr 13min Actual Time - 14 min handicap = 5hr 59min corrected time
Reason Too (Endeavour 40)        6hr 32min Actual Time - 0 min handicap = 6hr 32min corrected time.

Congratulations to all four boats that participated.  We had a great time and there were some comments during the scoring meeting (I mean beer drinking meeting) afterwards that the event needs to be repeated, with one participant indicating a monthly club sail was a good idea.
Snap Shot beating to
Half Moon Light
Dutch Boy reaching
for the finish line.
Cruise to Army Hole
September 7-8, 2013

Three intrepid boats ventured forth under threatening weather conditions for the clubs cruise to Army Hole.  One boat had to turn back but two boats spent the weekend at Army Hole, exploring Matagorda island with its deserted beaches and the historic Matagorda Lighthouse.

Ladies Sailing Day

Palacios Yacht Club hosted a Ladies Sailing day on October 4. The event was open to members and non-members alike.  We had five ladies attending.   The goal was to introduce the basics of sailing to ladies that were both beginners and those wanting to improve their skills.  A class room session was held during the morning to explain sailboats,  their rigging and how sails are used to take a boat from one place to the next.  This was followed by an afternoon on the water, where the ladies were able to put the theory into practice.  Though there were light airs on the bay that day, the ladies did get some sail handling and steering experience.  One of our ladies with very little experience docked the boat back in the slip better than some of our male members have been able to show in recent outings!
Ladies learning the basics of sailing, then out on the water for some hands on learning.